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Turnkey solutions are the delivery method of choice because they enable our clients to own the process from start to finish. Further benefits include strict cost control, a higher level of innovative design, and the shifting of risk.

Our turnkey solutions are delivered via a robust Project Management system which encapsulates Design, Construction, Quality Control, Health and Safety and Operational Support and Commissioning.


Turnkey solutions begin with Pre-Engineering because we recognise the direct link between thorough pre-project planning and project success.

We aim to ensure that what will be delivered coincides with our Client’s goals. This is achieved by:

  • Scope definition
  • Understanding the full project lifecycle
  • Formulation of all-inclusive design solutions
  • Budget and timeline projections
  • Articulating policy and organisational goals
  • Formulation of a mobilisation plan
  • Defining priorities

Concept Development and Design

During this phase of a project, our Project Managers, Designers and Construction team will collaborate to brainstorm and perform background research to hone in on the best solution in each situation. They clearly define the problem and resolve it in a way that meets the specific needs of our Clients. Careful consideration is given to:

  • Site-specific requirements
  • Logistics and bulk flows
  • Layout development
  • Maintainability
  • Availability and application of technology and innovation
  • Modularisation
  • Environmental impact and preservation
  • Safety & risk management

Manufacture and Procurement

Once designs are optimised and a fit-for-purpose solution has been engineered and signed off, construction takes place.

Procurement practice, quality control, resource coordination and stakeholder management forms an integral part of this stage through:

  • Analysis of designs and identification of necessary components and raw materials
  • Research of sourcing options
  • Formulation of production strategy
  • Purchase of components, based on cost, quality, dependability, flexibility and innovation
  • Monitoring of the supply chain to ensure good time-management and logistical flow of all in-bound items, supplies, materials and parts
  • Follow-up and record maintenance

Installation and Commission

All systems and components of the project need to perform optimally. So, here at Vertex, we take the Installation and Commission phase of a project very seriously, with emphasis on:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Subcontractor management
  • Testing and commissioning management
  • Operational training and support
  • Site safety and risk control
  • Project closeout

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