Pneumatic Two-Handed Controller

The Safety Two-Handed Controller provides robust, safe and clean control of manual pneumatic operations. Pneumatic valves are completely contained inside a hygienic cabinet. ‘Two Hand’ control blocks provide safe operation.

Two Handed Controller
  • Replaces exposed push button controls
  • Excellent reliability in Harsh, Corrosive and wash down environments
  • Solely Pneumatic – no Electricity required
  • All pneumatic components are sealed inside a Stainless-Steel Cabinet.
  • Minimal activation force required
  • Double acting or single acting control using single pair of levers
  • Festo and SMC options using readily available components.
  • Customisable lever shapes and guards
  • Built in Emergency Stop
  • Valve actuation is by robust remote handles with physical stops to protect valves from overloading
  • Uses ‘Two Hand’ control blocks to increase safety because:
    – Valves cannot be defeated accidentally or by jamming one lever permanently on
    – Operation requires both levers to be activated within 0.5 sec. of each other
    – Releasing either lever stops the operation.
Two Handed Controller