Flavour Injector

Controlled, accurate injection of liquids into up to 14 individual lanes of product. Features water jacket heated tank, cam locked parts for easy disassembly, PLC controlled servo linear injector movement.

  • Dosing parameters are precisely controlled by a Servo Motor driving a Linear Ball Screw Actuator.
  • Recipes can be saved and retrieved for different products.
  • All moving parts are located under an interlocked cover.
  • Individual Injector Pistons and Cylinders are cam-locked in place for easy removal.
  • The entire injector head can be pivoted out of tank for maintenance.
  • The unit is compact and mounted on castors for easy moving as required.
  • Ygros Magnetic non-return valves can be specified, dependant on the product.
Flavour Injector - Closed
  • The Built in HMI can control;
    • Tank Temperature
    • Injector Timing delay
    • Injector Volume
    • Injector Speed
    • Injector Purge Cycles
    • Injector Cleaning Cycles
    • Tank Level Alarms
    • Water Jacket Alarms
Flavour Injector
Flavour Injector - Open
Flavour Injector - Internal