Spiral Prover

The Vertex Spiral Prover is intended for use in the intermediate proving process of diverse products that require hygienic environments to rest. This innovative design provides a compact, space-saving environment, requiring significantly less factory floor-area than other machines used for the same purpose.

As every processing plant has different product and production requirements, Vertex spirals are built to order, according to your specific needs. Spiral conveyors are ideal for proving, chilling, providing simple product elevation / de-elevating, and are used for intermediate product storage when minimal floor space is available.

  • Ease of machine access, 360 degree of entry to product area
  • Compact, requiring minimal factory floor space
  • Large intermediate product storage capability
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Simple control and system integration
  • Adjustable outfeed product angle
  • Variable speed to adjust product throughput
Spiral Prover
Spiral Prover - Modeled